teaching "braggsville" and "hold it"

"Welcome to Braggsville" and "Hold it 'Til it Hurts" are taught in high schools and universities in the U.S. and abroad.  Instructors in the SF Bay area should make contact to arrange a class visit.  Instructors outside of the Bay Area, and overseas, can make contact to arrange an internet session. I'm only able to meet with approximately 2-3 classes per month, and am booked until September 2018.  

Themes in HiTiH


The novel's attention to friendship and family in contemporary American make it an ideal journey for readers looking to learn about how war, gentrification, and natural disasters affect individuals and communities, and how human resilience makes all the difference, even in the face of catastrophe.


Pirate's Alley faulkner society conference

Johnson is master teacher who who has taught professional development courses; designed curriculums for secondary schools, colleges and graduate writing programs; and served as a teacher mentor. He has taught in a variety of learning environments, ranging from San Quentin to the Iowa Writers' Workshop to Stanford. Contact him to arrange master classes on a variety of creative writing topics or to arrange an appearance as a  guest workshop leader.    

Themes in BRAGGZ


The novel's focus on friendship, education, free speech, and family make it relevant for all readers. The character's dealings with politically incorrect costumes, sexual identity, racial politics, weaponized history, and media blood-letting make it especially relevant to any student of contemporary America.